The Australian Miniature Horse Society Inc. is here for you and a part of this is the need to be able to keep accurate records for our Members and Breeders.  This in turn allows us to assist you with an efficient record keeping facility and it enables us to keep accurate records at all times for all horse transactions including breeding, sales, leases and show results.  These records are also imperative in keeping an up to date stud book. 
To access the forms simply click on the form title.  Hopefully our forms are simple and easy to follow, but just in case they aren't we are putting together an instruction booklet which will go through each form step by step.  Our forms are available here on the website and we can also email you any forms anytime if you are having any troubles downloading. 

We are always here to help you through this process, so if you would like further assistance or information please feel free to Contact Us.
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What is a work order form? It is a cover sheet to assist us in processing your paper work. To keep paperwork to a minimum for our Members we only require a Work Order to accompany some of our  paperwork. The forms that require a Work Order will have a notification on the form and a notation on this page next to the title of the form. 

  • Membership Forms
To become a Member of AMHS Inc. and transact any business with us you need to complete a Membership Application. 

Please notify us of any changes to your contact details by completing this Change of Address Form. This enables us  to keep you up to date at all times and ensure you receive the latest copy of the official publication Elite and our Electronic Newsletter.

  • Registration Forms
Save time and money with AMHS Inc. as you can register you entire Stud at a bulk price (please contact AMHS to get a price based on transferring your entire Stud over to AMHS Inc.). Remember to take COLOUR Photocopies of Registration Certificates.

We have four different Registration Types: AMHS (Australian Miniature Horse Registry), AMPR (Australian Miniature Pony Registry), ASPA (American Shetland Pony of Australia Registry) & ASFR (Australian Show Horse Foundation Registry.
When you sell a horse you need to complete this form to transfer the horse into the new owners name.

Leasing a horse means having the use of that horse for showing or breeding without purchasing the horse, for an agreed period of time. Should the leased horse be a Mare, all resulting progeny will carry the Lessees Stud Prefix. All Show Results will also be credited to the Lessee.  We suggest that all Members involved in leasing a horse/s should have a private treaty contract drawn up between both parties outlining all conditions of the lease.

Any Stallion 2yrs & over is required to have a Certificate of Soundness on record with AMHS Inc. to enable you to Show or Breed with the horse.  Please Note: this form MUST be completed by a Vet

When your Stallion services an outside Mare (a Mare owned by someone else), you have to complete this form and give it to the Mare Owner to enable them to register the resulting foal. You also need to make sure the Mare is listed on your Stallion Breeding Return.
  • Advertising Forms
To place an advertisement in the official AMHS Inc publication "ELITE", please complete this Advertising Booking Form. You will also find this form on our ELITE Magazine page.
Registration Application    (Work Order Required)         AMHS         AMPR        ASPA         ASFR
Transfer Application           (Work Order Required)
Lease Authorisation             (Work Order Required)
Each year before the 1st August, you must complete & submit your Stallion Breeding Return. This lists all the Mares the Stallion serviced during the breeding year. Remember to include on this form all outside Mares that your Stallion may have serviced.
Complete Stud Transfer   (Work Order Required)
Membership Application   (Work Order Required)
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Tips to Remember when Registering a Horse.....

To make this process as easy as possible if your horse is already registered with another Society & you can provide us with a COLOUR Photocopy of that current Registration Certificate and this is then all you will have to complete to Register that horse:

1.  Download a Registration Form
2.  Complete the Owners Name & Membership Number.
3.  Complete the Horses Detail section of Registration Form (top part of form).
4. If you are supplying a COLOUR Photocopy of a current Registration Certificate for this horse which has all the parentage identified (you DO NOT have to complete the parentage part of our Registration Form).
5. Complete Markings & Declaration part of form.
6. Include Colour Photos (if you do not want the colour photos used of the coloured Registration Certificate copy you are supplying, please send in colour photos to be used on your AMHS Certificate).

IF you wish to Register your Entire Stud, you are welcome to contact AMHS for a bulk price.

In Summary, things to remember to include with your paperwork:
* Colour Photocopy of Current Registration Certificate with another Society.
* Current Colour Photos of each side of your horse & head shot for our records.
* WORK ORDER (you must always send in a Work Order with paperwork).

​Refer below for further details on each of our Forms and remember we are always available to assist you with any queries.
The initial part of a horse's name is the Stud Prefix.  A Stud Prefix gives you and the horses you breed an individual identity and it is a great way to promote your stud.
Contact AMHS to find out further details!
- For Registration Purposes
Work Order Form - For Membership Purposes
If a Mare is to be used as a Donor Mare or "Surrogate" this form must be filled out along with the relevant forms for the foal to be eligible for registration.